Mainstream Medicine Ignores Chronic Lyme Exists.

16 Nov

Mainstream Medicine Ignores Chronic Lyme Exists.
My hellish journey started in the summer of 2010. I was a work-out-aholic and extremely healthy. Slowly, I started to notice unexplainable fatigue, pains, and seizures. I regressed quickly to the point of quitting my full time job because I simply couldn’t stand on my feet for more than an hour at a time. Multiple hospital stays and countless Dr. visits couldn’t give me a diagnosis. My organs, bones, blood all showed perfect health. “It was my brain”, I was told by every specialist and expert. I saw a psychiatrist and was put on multiple medications. None of them helped.
It was apparent, I was in this all alone if I was to try and find health again. Given the symptoms, I thought of Lyme, and asked my doc for a test. Results were negative on my Western Blot blood test. Sure that they wrong, I went to another Dr. and got tested again….Negative. My frustration was mounting and I was getting sicker. Again I went to two different Dr’s and demanded they test me. Finally, one came back positive. AHHHH, relief..I was going to get fixed and get my life back. Wrong.
After seeking treatment through the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Metrohealth(all major Cleveland hospitals) I was being ignored time after time. “Lyme doesn’t exist in Ohio” is what I heard. These are professionally trained doctors that excelled through medical school and specialized in infectious diseases…telling me I didn’t have Lyme although I had proof and couldn’t walk without the assistance of a cane or clutching a wall. All that exercise and getting myself into shape in my 20′s backfired. They looked at me and dismissed any health issues because I looked strong and healthy.
So now I’m 33, and seeking the help of a so called “fringe doctor” who doesn’t accept my insurance. Sick, broke, and angry but determined to beat this if it kills me. I am quickly finding out there are thousands if not millions just like me.


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